: please explain

sami hani alahmad
03-07-2005, 17:02
: : " " . " "

My question is about

How was it on water before He created the earth? Isn't water part of earth? At least thats what science nowadays says.
It is obvious that I dont understand also the concept of

Iis it in a limited space? does the word below or above apply to Allah? If anybody does, please explain to me.
May allah bless you .

06-07-2005, 12:10
Dear Brother Sami,
First of all I dono if you understand arabic or no may you answer me about this ...if you understand our language why you don't use it ??
if no its OK and i will try to answer your questions >>
i will carrying you what AL-qurtobi said about this Aya'h and translate it by english as i can ..
he said :
. : ; , ,
this words meant that Allah has created the AA'rsh and water before he created the earth and the skies...Kaab said : Allah has created green jewel and he look at it by his charisma then its turning asshaking water from scaring so thats why the water still shaking till now and even its dweller then he created a winds and he put the water up on the winds and then he put the AA'rsh ...

that was AL-Qurtobi words >

regarding the (): and its concept i will try to find you full explain unless my Shaiks here answer you ..as am so young student between much SHaiks here .
i wish you understood my poor english language ;)

sami hani alahmad
06-07-2005, 21:54
I am actually an arabic speaker, but I live in the USA and arabic keyboads are hard to find, ,and even if i had an arabic keyboard i t takes me 10 times the time that it takes me to
type an english word
so i wish you would use arabic because i can read it better.
thank you for your time